Your Wedding Flower Budget

Past studies have suggested that a good place to start when budgeting for your wedding flowers is approximately 15% of your overall wedding budget. This may seem like a big chunk especially when flowers don't last but here are some things to bear in mind:-

  1. Your wedding flowers are in almost every photograph taken and pictures do last forever
  2. The flowers are typically what your guests will see first. As your guests enter your ceremony, they will be greeted by the floral decor you have chosen. This first impression will be long remembered!
  3. The colour, fragrance, size, shape and visual joy of flowers all play a major role in creating the enchanting setting for your big day
  4. The flowers you choose should reflect your own distinctive style and personality. Are you bold and daring? Use flowers in vibrant, non-traditional colours. Are you elegant and sophisticated? State it simply in whites and creams
  5. Just as the flowers will be the first impression of your wedding they will also be the last. Have a beautifully decorated reception that will stay with your guests forever.

Wedding Flower Prices

A White Hot Wedding never creates two weddings alike, therefore setting out prices without speaking with you first is virtually impossible. All our services are bespoke and specifically tailored to you and your wedding. Additionally as flowers are a natural product and the availability of certain varieties depend largely on seasonality and recent weather conditions, prices vary often. Knowing a rough budget of how much you want to spend is also a great help, although not essential. 

Pre-meeting Preparation

It's a good idea to have a rough idea of what flower items you will need on your wedding day before you meet with us. For example, how many bridesmaids, who will need a buttonhole or corsage, how many rows at the ceremony, how many tables will be at the reception and are you and the close bridal party sitting on a traditional head table or a round one? If you have any photos of the ceremony area and venue bring them along or tell us before the meeting where your wedding will be so we can familiarise ourselves with it in the case it's not one we have been to before.

Share Photos

Pinterest and Google Images are great for getting inspiration – share you’re your ideas with us. Fabric swatches of your dress and the maid's dresses are also very helpful. And if you have spare material, we can even use it to finish your bouquets with! 

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